I am a software application architect
I create custom applications that integrate with existing applications and other technologies
including Web, AS/400, Windows NT, eBusiness, legacy and 3rd party applications

I have over 15 years experience in the IT industry, a wide experience with several systems languages and operating systems.
I work focused on goals and deadlines. I give my best when I am in charge of achieving the objective.
I can lead a team of developers to successfully deliver software in time and with quality, my leading approach is based on a responsibility driven principle to keep developers proud of what they do.

I am very interested in the emerging technologies and communications and keep myself informed on the upcoming innovation in the IT industry.
I love to train and to share my experiences with my coworkers.

I have successfully worked internationally (Italy, USA, UK), and I am authorized to work in the USA and in Europe. I am Italian.
I have successfully worked remotely on projects, telecommuting using the Internet.
I have given speeches in Italy and in the USA for international technology conferences and presentations, I am also active in technology related user groups

My guiding pinciple is "keep it simple", I believe that user interface should be simple and the programs should be short and clearly understandable.
The Internet revolution has shown that successful systems are the ones that are simple to use. In the last few years in the IT industry the very complex systems that were used in the past have been gradually side-stepped by simple systems that could be run with almost no training over the simple user interface of the web. This approach will be used for future applications as well.

The new challenge will be to integrate different applications and legacy systems.

Some of the Projects I have worked on
  • Web Order Entry
  • Web Customer Service
  • Warehouse Management for Distribution
  • Retail and Fulfillment Systems
  • Insurance Payment Systems
  • Web Resources Management
  • Web Project Management
  • Web Billing System
  • Financial System
  • Financial System Integration and Data Transfer
  • Scheduling Systems based on business calendars
  • Health Insurance Systems
  • Wine Production Systems
  • Import and Export Systems
  • Guests Management Systems
  • Public Servive Billing
  • Machinery Maintenance and scheduling
  • Apparel Manufacturing Systems
  • Leasing Payments Managements
  • bankruptcy Management Systems
  • CAD CAM software development
  • Automatic Distribution Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Production Planning Systems
I have worked successfully with the following technologies
Areas: Object Orientation, analysis and design,
Model based development tools
WEB design
CASE tools
Operating Systems: Windows XP, NT, 98, 95, ... MS-DOS
IBM OS/400
Languages: JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX
ASP.net, ASP, ADO, JScript server, VBScript server, IIS
Java, JDBC, XML, SOAP, Web Services, Apache, Tomcat
NetBeans, Eclipse, Sun One Studio (Forte for Java)
LANSA, Visual LANSA, Lansa 4 Web, LANSA Client
Obsydian - COOL:Plex, Synon/2E - COOL:2E
C++, C
Basic, Visual Basic
Database: IBM AS/400 Universal Database, IBM DB2/400
MS SQL Server, Access
Platforms: PC
IBM AS/400
Office software: MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OutLook, FrontPage, Project), ActiveSync, PaintShop pro, PocketPC, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Yahoo Messenger, WinZip, ...