Nicola Zordan

1111 S Ocean blvd #216
Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA 561-206-4020





Software Application Designer with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, a wide experience with several systems languages and operating systems, I work focused on goals and deadlines. I give my best when I am in charge of achieving the objective. I lead teams of developers to successfully deliver software in time and with quality. I am interested on the Internet and Java. My interests and curiosity in new technologies and communications keep me informed and willing to explore the upcoming innovation in the IT industry. I love to train and to share my experiences with colleagues and team members. I think there is more value in sharing my experiences than in keeping the knowledge for myself.









Apple Swift, iOS, mobile development, JavaScript, VBScript HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, XHTML, CSS, DTD, DOM,, ASP, ADO, JScript server, VBScript server, Java, NetBeans, Eclipse, Sun One Studio (Forte for Java), WebSphere, Obsydian / COOL:Plex, Synon/2E / COOL:2E, LANSA, Visual LANSA, Lansa 4 Web, LANSA Client, C++, C, SQL, ODBC, ADO, Basic, Visual Basic, CL/400, COBOL, Smalltalk, RPG, IBM AS/400 Universal Database, IBM DB2/400, ODBC, ADO, SyBase, MS SQL Server, DBase




e-Business Development Manager

DMS-Systems, Rocky Mount, NC                                                          

September 2002 - Present





I lead eBusiness effort targeted to the Warehouse distributor and for the parts and repair shops.


I manage our distributed order entry system of more than 15 cooperating systems and web servers that provide seamless integration with backend to our clients.


The application is developed with LANSA tool that generate RPG, HTML, JavaScript on the IBM AS/400 with IBM DB2/400.



DMS-Systems provide software for Warehouse distributors, for inventory shipping, ordering, fulfillment, and catalog.



I am focused on the Qwik-Order system that allows shops and WD to place orders and check on credit and order status from the web. I manage the implementation of the distributed Qwik-Order application on a ASP model.



My responsibilities include: analyzing new requirements, designing the data structure required for the implementation and the process flow, writing specifications, assigning activities to the developers (including myself) and managing the Application Repository, and to integrate with external systems.



Tools used: LANSA CASE tool: MS-Project, LANSA AD, Visual LANSA, LANSA Web, ActiveX, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Windows XP, ODBC, ADO, IBM AS/400, IBM DB2/400, MS-Query, IIS, IBM-SQL, IBM-DB2/400, IBM Query, CL/400, Java (400 and clients), WebSphere, IP sockets communication, XML.





Project Manager

Cole Systems, Boca Raton, FL                                                                

January 2002 - September 2002






I lead the Development team for the Catalog application. The application is developed with LANSA tool that generate C++ for the Windows platform, on MS-SQL Server, and RPG on the IBM AS/400 with IBM DB2/400.



Cole Systems provided software solutions to the direct commerce industry.


The ColeMine solution includes Catalog (Warehousing, Fulfillment, Marketing, Order entry, Order management, Shipments, Authorization) and Point Of Sale.



My responsibilities included: analyzing new requirements, providing quotes of time and cost for customizations to clients, designing the data structure required for the implementation and the process flow, writing specifications, assigning activities to the developers (including myself) (enhancements and bug fixes) and managing the Application Repository.



I also helped the POS team to analyze, quote and design part of the application (like the eJournal) and especially to integrate with external applications (like AuditWorks and MarketWorks)



Tools used: LANSA CASE tool: MS-Project, LANSA AD, Visual LANSA, LANSA Web, ActiveX, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Windows 2000, ODBC, ADO, IBM AS/400, IBM DB2/400, MS-Query, IIS.


Senior IT Consultant

Price WaterHouse Coopers, Bristol, BRS, UK                                       

October 2001 - December 2001






I have been hired as independent IT Consultant to implement logic of redistribution of insurance claims, for a major worldwide insurance company. My activities involved analyzing and designing reusable components to implement a flexible and customizable redistribution system, which could work in different platforms. I have then implemented the components to create programs to handle 4 specific redistribution schemes.



Tools used: COOL:Plex, OOA, OOD, to design the components based on inheritance and specialization. The components are designed to be implemented without changes on the platform supported by COOL:Plex: Windows, Oracle, IBM AS/400.


Senior IT Consultant, Business Analyst

TrauSoft, New York, NY                                                                         

August 2001 - October 2001






With TrauSoft I have been working as an independent Business Analyst and IT Consultant in a Computer Associates project in New York, for a Pharmaceutical business. We used UML with ERWIN for analysis, and COOL:Plex for implementation.



My activities involved interviewing the users, analyzing and documenting the processes, and designing the data structure. The system was designed to work in a Client Server environment using Windows Clients on Java and Oracle on UNIX for the database.



Tools used: CA COOL:Plex which generates Java, C++ for Windows (NT or 98). CA ErWin for Data structure and UML flow diagrams, Oracle for database.







Senior Pre-Sales Consultant

LANSA, New York, NY                                                                            

January 2000 - August 2001






I assisted the sales managers to technically present the LANSA tools, help customers to evaluate and apply the technology in their environment and aim to the best use of the LANSA tools. I am presenting the LANSA products to customers and prospects, at conferences and exhibitions. LANSA is a Repository based CASE tool for the IBM AS/400 that enables to create mission critical applications that can be deployed on a variety of platforms: Host centered with IBM AS/400 and 5350 IBM terminals, or Client/Server with servers as IBM AS/400, Windows NT, HP Unix nad clients as Windows, Web HTML, Java and XML. I worked on projects for the Web and on Visual LANSA to keep up with the applied technology.



This is a role that involves a wide range of technologies focused on the integration of the LANSA tools with existing systems to improve the functionalities. New projects are also developed to address new requirements of the IT industry like Web enablement and EDI.



Tools used: LANSA, LANSA for the Web, Visual LANSA, LANSA Client, which generates RPG for the IBM AS/400, C++ for Windows NT, HTML, Java, and JavaScript for the Web. Databases IBM DB2/400, SQL Server, Sybase. Query, Crystal Report, JavaScript. Component base development pervade the systems generated and Object Orientation is used in the Visual LANSA part for the Windows clients. FrontPage, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Java, ADO, ActiveX objects for web interfaces. FTP, Telnet to connect and transfer files. NewLook for 5250 terminal emulation.




Universita' di Urbino, Urbino, PS, Italy