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Nicola Zordan

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In USA Florida (Miami area), USA
Where I live 1111 S Ocean blvd #216
Boca Raton, FL, 33432-7603, USA
Send a short message to my cell phone Cell: +1-561-213-2008
Tel: +1-561-620-4868

Italy In Italy
Valdagno, Vicenza, Italy:
My address in Italy Via Tegnan 11
Valdagno (Vicenza), I-36078, Italy

Europe Send a short message to Nicola cell phone Cell: +39-347-0707-166
Tel: +39-02-303-125-681 or: +39 0445 402484

Work Contact Work: Yahoo: Nicola_Zordan_work Nicola_Zordan_work
Tel: +1-561-206-4020 E-Mail: Nicola@CrosaraZordan.com Web: www.CrosaraZordan.com

Valdagno, Italy Boca Raton, USA Calendar Yahoo! Calendar Luisa Crosara Luisa Crosara Past addressed Past addresses KI4DNF: Nicola Zordan, Amateur Radio, Ham Radio KI4DNF amateur radio (ham radio)

VoIP, Voice over IP

USA: +1-561-908-0699
Italy: +39-02-303-125-681
UK: +44-845-004-2959
Skype: Zordan.net
Google: +1-561-206-4020
Yahoo: if Yellow I am on line on Yahoo Messenger Nicola_Zordan
AOL AIM: AOL AIM wimzi: NicolaZordan NicolaZordan
ICQ uin: ICQ: 4402551744025517

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