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Hi, I am Nicola Zordan.

I am a consultant with over 15 years experience in the IT industry and I worked with LANSA since 2000 as a pre sales representatve, consultant, mentor.
In 2000 I moved to New York to with the LANSA sales representatives in the North-East USA.



LANSA I first joined LANSA in 2000, went trough the trainig in Chicago and Toronto. Being already familiar with CASE tools (SYNON) helped me speed up the learning process. There are in fact several similarities between LANSA and SYNON (or Obsydian). I worked in 2 LANSA in ternal projects involving, LANSA Web, and Visual LANSA. The development has been done in LANSA AD on the AS/400 or on the Visual LANSA development environment running on Windows. Defining application to run standalone on AS/400 or Client/Server with client Windows and server AS/400. Or standalone application for the PC. Then I worked on projects involving integration between Visual LANSA and LANSA Web. LANSA Web flexibility allowed me to create interesting features joining the power of LANSA to process on the server and the Document Object Model to display more interactive user interfaces on the Web.
LANSA Client is a powerful querty tool that integrates with Crystal Report, in my next task I have been involved in creating reports integrating with NON LANSA database and defining business rules for reporting. In my last activities on LANSA I worked on LANSA Web development on custom projects.

In LANSA USA, I followed activities on LANSA involving: