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Ok let's start

Am I a dreamer? Yes and so what? Yes I am interested in computers too!! Send me a message!! E-Mail:

A rose for the ladies Fill the form and let me know about youFill the form and let me know about you


Iperlinks for my hobbies My various interests:

Fly planes

Weight & Balance AOPA

Current Weather Radar Image

SCUBA Dive & Snorkel
... and snorlkel Mask ...
SCUBA Diver Flag PADI SCUBA Diver Technical Diving International

ARES Palm Beach Skywarn Palm Beach PB9092 CERT Boca Raton Ham Radio (Radio Amateur): ARES, CERT, Skywarn

KI4DNF KI4DNF: Nicola Zordan

Yaesu VX-7R KI4DNF station KI4DNF: Nicola Zordan KI4DNF: Nicola Zordan

My preferred wrist-watch:
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
The watch of the Apollo 11 moon mission Yes, the one that landed on the moon (or better mooned)
Blue Angels, Star & Stripes, Pilot/Sail Watch, customized for Nicola Zordan
Citizen NaviHawk NaviSurf, Pilot/Sail Watch, specially customized for Nicola Zordan

My car:
Mitsubishi Spyder
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
Volvo 480 Turbo
Volvo 480 Turbo!! This is a real car


My favorite tennis player:
Andre Agassi
Andre' Agassi

Alpine Ski & Snowboard

Sailboat sail
I am just a biginner, but I like sailing It will be nice

I am just a biginner, but I like golfing I try to hit this ball

I still have to learn

Marco Polo, he is an italian venetian example to follow! By motorbyke then it is much better
Now I am here, in San Francisco

Mountain, Alpine hiking, Free climbing
Mountain hiking

Whisky & Cognac
Bowmore, I like a little taste of wishy Lagavulin, I like a little taste of wishy Napoleon, I like a little taste of cognac Courvuasier, I like a little taste of cognac

I am not a regular smoker, but once in a while I like a cigar Mote cristo?

Horseback riding
I am learning, but it is great